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How Much Does It Cost To Lift A Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Off-road enthusiasts often use Jeep Grand Cherokee, and lift kits can enhance its height for enhanced riding experience. In this article, I’ll discuss: how much does it cost to lift the Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The average cost of lifting a Jeep Grand Cherokee is $500. However, it usually ranges between 300$-700$, depending upon the type of lift kit. Usually, a lift kit that enhances the height of the jeep to 2 inches would cost around 300$, while a good kit for 4 inches lift would cost about 700$.

Steps to Lift Jeep Grand Cherokee:

A good lift kit ranges between $200-$2500, excluding the installation cost. Here are some essential steps which you can adopt if you want to install the lift kit without any help:

  1. Raise your vehicle and remove the wheels
  2. Remove the shock absorbers and sway bar links from both sides of the vehicle
  3. Remove the coil clip from the lower side of the coil spring seat
  4. Lower the axel from the car and remove the coil springs
  5. Remove the stock control arms using the strut compressor
  6. Install the new control arm and coil springs and avoid tightening it
  7. Attach the sway bar links, and don’t forget to pull it
  8. Install the coil clip on the lower spring seat and lower the axle
  9. Remove the sway bar after installing the shock absorbers
  10. Install the sway bar and bracket on the frame rail
  11. Move them to the rear side and remove the rear shocks, rear U-bolts, and springs
  12. Install the new springs and U-bolts on the axel region
  13. Install the rear shock absorber along with wheels and tighten the leaf springs and control arms

The jeep grand Cherokee is a popular jeep among automobile enthusiasts which can easily be lifted to the desired height of the user.

Several components of the jeep can easily be swapped, and the height of the jeep can be lifted from 2-4 inches easily. As a result, it provides good ground clearance to the vehicle, and it enhances the looks of the car as well.

Other companies offer several different kits, which can be easily installed in the market, and the prices vary from type to type. Those different kit types are mentioned below.

1. Coil Spring Lift:

How Much Does It Cost To Lift A Jeep Grand Cherokee

If a person feels the urge to uplift their jeep grand Cherokee and finds that budget is a problem, they can always go for a coil spring lift. This is because this kit provides the vehicle with good enhanced ground clearance and does not cost too much.

With this kit installed in the vehicle, the jeep can be taken to rough terrains, and without a car having good ground clearance, it isn’t easy to travel on. The coil spring lift would eliminate the problem.

2. Leaf Spring Lift:

How Much Does It Cost To Lift A Jeep Grand Cherokee

Experts advise that if the user has a routine journey over dirt terrains, they must go for a leaf spring lift in their jeep grand Cherokee. The reason for this is that this lift is also quite pocket friendly and does not cause much of an impact on a budget of the user.

This lift does not increase the height ridiculously. However, it allows the vehicle to go through dirt terrains without any problem or hesitation. If the user wishes, they can also fit the coil springs on top of the leaf spring lift to enhance comfort.

3. Body Lift:

How Much Does It Cost To Lift A Jeep Grand Cherokee

Lifting the body of the jeep grand Cherokee is not possible since the jeep comes with the fitted body over the frame. It does not come in the market, unlike other jeeps in which a person can lift the body parts, so the only upgrade a person can do for lifting the height of the jeep is by upgrading the suspension parts.

4. Long Arm Lift:

How Much Does It Cost To Lift A Jeep Grand Cherokee

A long arm lift is considered to be the best choice for uplifting the height of the jeep grand Cherokee among people who are automobile enthusiasts and who understand the importance of uplifting the vehicle.

However, it is also important to note that the long arm lifts are the most expensive upgrades in the jeep grand Cherokee.

Other than this, it is also important to note that the long arm lift provides excellent ground clearance to the jeep and allows it to cross any obstacle in its way without any difficulty. Therefore, this lift is best for both off-roading purposes and daily drives.

5. Short Arm Lift:

How Much Does It Cost To Lift A Jeep Grand Cherokee

A short arm lift is a similar upgrade as the leaf spring lift to the jeep grand Cherokee. However, in this upgrade, the wheelbase is not changed and is an excellent option if the vehicle has to be driven over rocky surfaces, and the user does not want to lift it more than 3 inches.

How Much Does It Cost to Lift A Jeep Cherokee?

How Long Does It Take To Lift A Jeep Grand Cherokee?

All these upgrades and alterations require time, and more than that, these require mechanical expertise and physical effort. Unfortunately, there is no specific time to upgrade and uplift a jeep grand Cherokee; it depends upon which type of lift the user is going for.

If the user is only going for a coil spring lift, it can be done in 3-4 hours. However, if the user is going for a long arm lift in which the wheelbase has to be changed, it might take more than 10 hours for the technical team to uplift the jeep grand Cherokee.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Lifting the Jeep Grand Cherokee:

Several factors could affect the cost of lifting the jeep grand Cherokee, ranging from the model year of the vehicle, the type of lift kit used, the quality of the lift kit being used, and several other factors. Some of those factors are elaborated below:



Model of the jeep 

The model of the Jeep directly affects the price of the lift kit. The cost for lifting varies for the Jeep models, in which the lowest price is $300, and the highest price for lifting the Grand Cherokee can cost up to $700.

Amount for lift kit 

The amount of lift kit and height for the Jeep lifting required by the owner also affects the price of the lift kit. The 2-inch lift in the vehicle is easy to install and costs less. It is considered cheaper than the 3-inch and 4-inch lifts for cars.

Brand of lift kit 

There are various brands for lift kit installation, and their cost varies according to their features. The minimum amount for a lift kit can cost up to $300, while the highest amount can reach up to $700, according to the company and brand.

Height of lift kit 

The height demanded by the owner also affects the lift kit selection and installation price. The 2-inch lift kit in Jeep costs around $200, while its cost can reach up to $500, according to the brand and addition of specifications. So people can willingly spend $700-$1000 to lift their Jeep.

Type of lift kit 

There are different lift kits, among which the user can choose according to their desire. Various brands offer the lift kit with many new features and components, including the leaf and coil spring kits and body lift kits for installation. The price of lift kits varies according to brand and the parts included in the lift kit.

Some other options and accessories 

Other than the factors discussed above, there are also other options that can affect the price of the lift kits. The price can vary according to the installation of new components including new shocks, axles and coil springs.

Off-road accessories 

You can spend more on the installation of new lift kits having components including the skid plates, winch mount and big gas tank.

Benefits of Lift Kit for Jeep Grand Cherokee:

Installing the lift kit on the Jeep Grand Cherokee has various benefits. Among these, some of the benefits are as follows:

1. Increasing the Ground Clearance:

This benefit allows the person to drive over obstacles and hurdles. Lifting the Jeep helps to clear the pathways of rocks, logs, and even snow.

2. Better Performance on the Off-Roading Terrain:

Lifting of the Jeep offers better performance on the off-roading terrain. It helps to travel easily on challenging terrain to reach hard places and off-roading tracks.

3. Better Appearance and Stability:

Lifting of Jeeps improves the overall appearance of the vehicle. It also enhances the stability of the car during driving.

It is important to have improved stability if traveling at high speed or on rugged terrain. The vehicle’s aggressive look also helps stand out among others and enhances the off-roading performance.

Downsides of Lift Kit for Jeep Grand Cherokee:

Here we will explain some downsides of lifting the jeep Grand Cherokee. Some of the downsides are as follows:

1. Expensive Act for Jeep:

Lift kits are considered a bit expensive as their price depends on the quality and brand of the kit. Therefore, it is better to research properly on the lift kit before spending thousands of dollars lifting the vehicle.

2. Maintenance of Jeep:

Jeep requires some extra maintenance after the installation of the lift kit. It is better to properly maintain the Jeep by checking the fluids and tightening the bolts. Also, make sure to check that all parts are working well.

3. Decrease in Comfort:

Lifting the Jeep Grand Cherokee can offer a rough ride compared to the one that is not lifted. The reason behind this is the raising of suspension that causes a bumpy ride and less comfort.

4. A Noisy Ride:

The lifting of the Jeep Grand Cherokee and the addition of bigger tires produce a loud noise during driving which is a drawback. Loud noise is an irritating act and is not an ideal choice for long trips.

Lifting the Jeeps has benefits and demerits, depending on the type of vehicle. A lift kit is an excellent option if you want to improve the off-roading performance of your car. However, a lift kit for your vehicle is not a great choice if you want a smooth and noiseless ride.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is lifting a Jeep grand Cherokee worth it?

Lifting a Jeep grand Cherokee enhances the stock power of the vehicle, giving it more power to tackle off-road terrains and even providing essential power to the vehicle in the most challenging terrains.

So if a person is looking to enhance the vehicle’s off-road capabilities, undoubtedly, uplifting the jeep grand Cherokee is a good option and is worth it.

How much does installing a lift kit on a Jeep Grand Cherokee cost?

Several factors can vary the cost of installation of lift kits in the Jeep Grand Cherokee. It depends upon the lift’s size, the kit’s type, and the amount of technical work needed; usually, a lift kit in the Jeep grand Cherokee can be installed somewhere between 500$-1000$.

Is it difficult to install a lift kit?

Installing a lift kit on a Jeep Grand Cherokee is not difficult at all. Every type of lift kit that is installed comes with instructions; for instance, a jeep with 35-inch tires would need a 4 inches lift. So, precisely, installing a lift kit in a jeep is not a hard job to do at all.

How long does it take to install a 2-inch lift kit?

If the kit is a spacer, it can easily be installed in 1.5-2 hours. While if the lift kit is of the suspension, a long time can be needed, ranging from 5-6 hours, depending upon the mechanic’s expertise.