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Who Makes Tracker ATV? All Necessary Details of Tracker ATV

Tracker ATV lineup is considered a new addition to the Tracker family. The off-road trackers offer upfront pricing on all sorts of models. There is no need to haggle with dealers to get the best price. The entire tracker ATV lineup is already affordable, and all the prices are almost the same in every region. Who makes tracker ATV?

Tracker ATVs are manufactured by two leading industries in a collaboration. The industries include Textron and Bass-Pro Shops, which have been working within a strong partnership to produce the best tracker ATVs. They have manufactured the best vehicle lineup and offer ATVs and side-by-sides.

Manufacturers of Engines for Textron ATVs:

Textron Motors, formally known as Weber motors, are the engine manufacturers for Textron ATVs. They have been producing powerful engines for dodged gas models for Textron ATVs.

Weber supplied a 750cc 4-stroke twin for Polaris and developed 80 horsepower in standard trim. THE Polaris FST model produced 140 horsepower, engendered top speeds from quick acceleration.

Few of The Best Tracker ATVs:

1. 2022 Tracker Off-Road 600 EPS:

This is a new model of Tracker called 600EPS holding 600cc engines and unique features of 600 base model and an electronic power steering. It has a class-leading front and rear suspension with improved ground clearance and fuel capacity, which helps you keep in the field for a longer time.

There is a diver-accessible storage compartment with larger footwells and re-engineered exhaust routing of the 45HP engine. There are larger electronic 4-by-4 shifting with hocks and higher air intake mounting.

Who Makes Tracker ATV

Other Features may Include:

  • It holds a new 45 hp with a cc engine.
  • There is a new HSLA steel frame with an electronic power steering.
  • There is an ergonomic controls placement and riding position associated with it.
  • A durable steel storage rack is associated with it with a rear hauling capacity of 200 pounds.
  • It includes adjustable front and rear shock absorbers in a preloaded state.
  • There are full-length polymer skid plates that protect the underneath from debris.
MakeTracker off-road
Model600 EPS
Fuel TypeGas
Dry Weight795 pounds

2. 2021 Tracker Off-road 450:

This tracker off-road is a value-packed 4WD vehicle that is considered the best one for some serious off-roading. It provides a two-inch hitch receiver with a ten-inch ground clearance having front and rear racks and much more!

Who Makes Tracker ATV

Other Features may Include:

  • It holds an impact-resistant 75 pounds front rack and 150 pounds rear rack.
  • There is a liquid-cooled and single overhead cam based gas engine.
  • It holds a continuously variable transmission called CVT.
  • There is a double A-Arm front suspension along with a rear suspension.
  • There are dual halogen headlights and taillights associated with it with a 2/4WD manual shift.
MakeTracker off-road
Fuel TypeGas

3. 2021 Tracker Off-Road 570:

This 570 off-road tracker is also considered a top-seller as it is known to deliver the best front and rear suspension. It holds the features of front and rear storage racks with ground clearance and a towing capacity of 1050 pounds.

The rapid traction system allows shifting the 2WD to 4WD to maintain complete control and momentum.

Who Makes Tracker ATV

Other features may Include:

  • It includes a single-cylinder with EFI called an electronic fuel injection.
  • There is a class-leading front and rear suspension travel with a ground clearance.
  • It holds durable steel storage racks with front and rear hauling capacity.
  • It has a rear hitch receiver with adjustable front and rear shock absorbers.
  • There is an engine braking system with fifteen functions digital gauge.
  • It is a build-up of high-strength and low alloy steel frame.
ColorTrue Timber
Fuel TypeGas
Dry Weight699 pounds

4. 2021 Tracker Off-Road 90:

This tracker is full of spirit and holds a full-size ATV, which provides a fun experience to young riders aged 10 years and older. This tracker is supplied power through a 4-stroke and single overhead cam gas engine. It also includes an automatic choke with an automatic transmission and speed-limiting governor.

Who Makes Tracker ATV

Features may Include:

  • This tracker holds a single overhead cam with a gas engine. It holds a 90cc air-cooled and 4-stroke feature too.
  • It also includes an automatic CVT, the continuously variable transmission with reverse and neutral systems.
  • There is an electric start and Kickstart backup feature.
  • There are self-cleaning rear hydraulic disc brakes.
  • The front rack has a hauling capacity of 10 pounds, and the rear rack holds a capacity of 15 pounds.
  • There are dual headlights and taillights associated with it.
MakeTracker Off-road
ColorTrue Timber
Fuel TypeGas
Dry weight260 pounds

Parts and Accessories of Trackers ATV:

1. Anti-Gravity Re-start Lithium Batteries:

Who Makes Tracker ATV
Re-Start TechnologyThe Re-Start battery monitors the status. If it senses over-discharge then it will put itself in a sleep mode. It saves enough energy to allow you to restart the vehicle.
Longer-LifeLithium batteries hold a full battery management system which is up to twice the life-cycle of lead or acid.
Hi-PowerIt holds better starting and higher voltage at start-up. Provides 2 times the cranking Amps of similar-sized lead or acid batteries.
Ultra Light-weight70% lighter than equivalent lead or acid battery.
Low self-dischargeThe re-start batteries do not self-discharge like Acid or lead batteries.
DurabilityLithium batteries are shock and vibration resistant making them perfect for racing.
MountingYou can mount batteries in any orientation. There are no liquids to spill or drain out.
Environmentally safer batteryNo acid or heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, or mercury.

2. Attack Complete Bike Graphics Kit:

Who Makes Tracker ATV

The attack graphics offer one of the best dirt bike graphics kits, which give a custom look to bikes. There is a complete range of graphics kit which offers various features to enhance the look of the dirt bike. There are specific features associated with it, such as:

  • Dirt bike graphics include lower fork guard decals, front and rear fender decal, swing arm, and shroud decals with merging designs.
  • Graphics are made up of durable 21 mil scratch-resistant and laminated vinyl.
  • The complete graphic kit includes a mini front number plate decal.

3. Kimpex Outback Rear Trunk:

Who Makes Tracker ATV

This is considered an economical version in the range of Deluxe trunks and is designed to keep the same comfort level. It is modified in the shape of a trunk, allowing greater storage capacity. There are some specific features associated with this rear trunk, such as:

  • It holds a sliding lid that opens up from rear to front.
  • There is a middle storage compartment that holds a capacity of 4.7 liters of gas.
  • The strap associated with it can hold the cover in its place.
  • It is easy to install and does not include wind protectors.

4. ATV TEK Oversized Cargo Bag:

Who Makes Tracker ATV

ATV TEK Arch Series bags are considered a perfect bag that has taken the ATV bags to a whole new level. It holds an arched steel frame, which helps maintain the shape of the bag no matter how much stuff you include.

The frame and the weatherproof seal keep the consistent gapless seal which keeps the contents in the bag in a dry and dust-free state. There is also a zipper with a fully removable lid that allows easy access from the front, back, left, and right sides of the bag.

Some other features are included with these, such as this bag holding an internal organizer pocket, front pocket, a removable padded seat, top bungee straps, and expandable drink holders.

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5. Quad Boss Front Storage Box:

Who Makes Tracker ATV


  • Quad Boss Front Storage Box is made up of durable material. It is made up of low-density polyethylene coated in textured black color.
  • It holds a single wall body which allows maximum storage space, and the double-wall lid in it provides extra rigidity.
  • The lid on the storage box provides a weather-resistant closed-cell foam gasket.
  • It is equipped with two lockable latches and can be easily mounted to an ATV rack in which hardware is also included.

6. Quad Boss Rear Wrap Trunk:

Who Makes Tracker ATV

Quad Boss Rear Wrap Trunk is considered the best piece to be placed at the back of ATV if you want to have some extra storage space for your items. It is a large dry storage piece that can hold items like gear, drinks, food, tool kit, etc., and can be locked safely.

It comprises special rotisserie molding, which provides thickness, strength, and durability. It has specific features like a lockable trunk and can be easily mounted to composite racks. Trunks come with U-bolts for mounting.

What Is A Side By Side ATV?

Build-Up of Tracker ATVs:

Tracker ATVs’ durability, strength, high performance, and efficiency are due to their high-quality components. Some best personnel and specifications strategically put all the components together. Tracker ATVs hold a special engine type that is liquid-cooled and possess a single-cylinder, gas engine, and overhead cam.

Some of the Tracker ATVs come with a 4-stoke, 3-stroke cylinder, dual overhead cam, liquid-cooled, and gas engine type. ATVs also include the features of EFI, which are electronic fuel injection, RTS, which is a rapid traction system; CVT, which is a Continuously variable transmission drivetrain; and a 545cc displacement.

Tracker ATV- Case Study: Comparison Between Yamaha Warrior 350 and Honda Ranch 350:


Yamaha Warrior 350

Honda Ranch 350


It is powered by an air-cooled single-cylinder engine of four strokes.

This model has 348 cubic centimeters of engine displacement which helps fuel its top speed.

The top speed of the Honda rancher is determined by engine performance.

This engine has built a single-cylinder OHV engine holding four strokes which are positioned longitudinally to cut down the power loss for the drive train.

Drive Train

Power moves through 6-speed manual transmission which comes with a reverse gear.

Power is moved through a five-speed transmission in this model. It is made possible with ESP which has enabled the 4WD system and can be easily controlled using friendly push-button ease.


It employs a recoil pull-start mechanical backup and electric start system.

CDI which is electronic capacitor discharge ignition is built inside this model along with an auxiliary recoil pull starter and electric start system for backup.


This model has sturdy tires which are great at almost any surface. Both the front and rear tires hold tubeless aluminum wheels.

It is great with nice traction that is extremely comfortable in muddy terrain.


It employs at the rear a hydraulic disc, and single-lever hydraulic front discs, and a foot brake.

This model has in rear handle, a single-sealed mechanical drum brake, and holds a triple-sealed hydraulic drum brake mounted in front. It also holds a 45-watt handlebar light with double halogen lights which are positioned on front fenders.


Suspension at the front is an entirely autonomous dual-wishbone holding a 5-way adjustable shock. The rear uses a steel finish swing arm and a single shock absorber for its suspension.

Front suspension displays complete free double-wishbone having lower control arms and vertical upper that enhances the negative. It enables 5.9 inches of movement ensuring a more stable wheel alignment. Travel depth is enhanced by rear suspension which utilizes one single shock absorber and steel finish swing arm.


The ATV has a ground clearance of 4.9 inches and a height of 42.5 inches. Seat height is measured 30.1 inches and wheelbase is 47.2 inches.

This quad features cargo tracks at the rear and front cargo. It holds an enclosed water-tight trunk. The height of the seat can reach 32.4 inches with a wheelbase of 49.1 inches.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Which type of engines are used in Tracker ATVs?

The 2-wheeled drive Tracker 300 is built around a 270cc single-cylinder engine. This thing makes a great introductory ATV for anybody.

Are 4-wheeler trackers considered a good option?

4-wheeler trackers are considered a good option and include everything a person can demand in an ATV. These ATVs offer smooth rides having lots of power and speed.

Who are the real manufacturers behind Tracker ATV?

Tracker ATVs are manufactured in partnership with Textron specialized vehicles Inc., famous worldwide for their brands and products.

Who are the manufacturers of Textron ATV engines?

Textron Incorporation bought Arctic Cat in January 2017 and included Arctic and Cushman utility vehicles, Jacobsen turf care, and Textron GSE ground support equipment.

Is Textron the owner of Polaris and Arctic Cat?

 Yes, Textron is the owner of Polaris and bought it in 1968, while Arctic cat was bought in 2017.

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